A drawing app that allows users to choose from a various pencils, crayons, pens and markers to create a masterpiece.

Login Required:

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Sharing Options:

  • Save to Camera Roll
  • Email with generic iPad address set up on device

Tips for Using:

  • Select from various writing tools by clicking on the boxes on the right side of drawing area. Example: One box contains fine tip pens and 12 medium- size markers while another box contains erasers.
  • No ability to change thickness of writing tools. User must select a new tool with the desired thickness.
  • Can change the look of the boxes to a leather or wood finish by selecting the box with the gear on it.
  • The moon/sun located at the top switches the display between bright white and one with shadows.
  • A calculator is located in the third box of utensils.

Activity Ideas:

Math- Use as a whiteboard to work out math problems. Write the answer in a different color.
Science- Illustrate the moon phases and save to the Camera Roll. Use pictures to create a digital presentation in Keynote, 30Hands or another presentation app.
SS- Create a map replicating a classroom or school campus. Draw examples of hieroglyphics. Illustrate different types of housing Indians in Texas lived in.
ELA- Illustrate idioms, metaphors or other parts of speech. Recreate the setting of a story.
Other- Draw a self-portrait for Art class.

Additional Resources:

Video Tutorial: