A drawing app that uses glitter and sound as special effects.

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Tips for Using:

  • When a crayon is tapped, a narrator tells the name of the color. Scroll through to see all 20 colors.
  • A color picker paintbrush and eraser tool are located at the end of the crayons or whatever coloring tool is activated.
  • As you draw with your finger, glittering sparkles spread around the screen and twinkling sound effects can be heard.
  • Magic Star Wand draws makes anything drawn appear in multicolored format.
  • Tap green arrow to view other tools. They include: Fill Bucket, Paint Brush, Coloring Tools, Coloring Pages, Save Folder, and Erase Bucket.
  • Tap the Paint Brush to get three different brush sizes.
  • Many of the optional tools and coloring pages are only available as an in-app purchase. Note: The first coloring page of each category and the first three coloring tools (crayons, rollers, and stars) are free.
  • If the sound is not working, make sure to turn off the mute switch, activate the application, and turn the volume up.

Activity Ideas:

Math- Students can practice writing basic math equations or 2 dimensional shapes.
Science- Students can draw illustrations to represent the root, stem, leaf, and flower of a plant.
SS- Students can draw illustrations depicting traditions, food, clothing, and decorations celebrated in other countries and cultures.
ELA- Students can practice writing site words or spelling words, words following a specific pattern such as CVC, CVVC, and both capital and lowercase letters.
Other- In art class, students can practice their color recognition by drawing objects in specific colors determined by the teacher.

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