Infographics are images containing graphics and text, including statistics about a certain subject.
Resources for Creating Infographics:

Blog post about a user's first experience with

Use Powerpoint by changing the Page Setup of a slide to create a larger workspace then saving it as a JPG. This would be a great way to focus on the content and processing rather than the new technology tool for a student's first infographic.

Use the Pages App with this 8.5 X 18 template on the iPad:

Guideline for Making Good Infographics:

Why teach with infographics?
  • Quickly visualize idea/concept
  • Compact way to present data and information
  • Helps students make connections, relationships patterns
  • Helps make sense of complex data sets
  • HOTS

Types of infographics
  • Research, results
  • Process, sequence, or timeline
  • Informative, persuasive
  • Comparison

Follow these Pinterest boards for Infographic examples:

Language Arts Informational Text -
Kathy Schrock also has some info on using Infographics for Assessment -

Debbie Boehm of Clear Creek ISD's TCEA 2013 presentation: