Course Outline

1. Great starting resource for all levels -

2. Ribbon Overview -
Interactive Guides- 2003 to 2010 (Where are the commands???)
Practice Document:
Margins and Orientation

3. Ribbon Challenge
On which ribbon tab would you find these tasks? Use the Interactive Guide to help you answer the questions.
  • Print your document
  • Page setup (changing the margins and page orientation)
  • Add page numbers to your document
  • Add borders and/or shading to paragraphs or a whole document
  • Recolor the entire page
  • Insert a picture
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Start a mail merge
  • Zoom out to see the whole page
  • Show options for customizing the Word window
  • Bonus! Add a table of contents to a document

4. Forms Tutorial

5. Forms Challenge
Start a new Word document and press Enter twice.
Create a form with the following fields. Use a table to control the formatting of the form. When finished, protect the form to make it ready for other users. Save the form with the file name <Name>_Form.docx and send to another participant in the class. (See example on screen for what yours should look like. You may have to merge some cells together and split others.)
  • Date
  • Name
  • Address
  • City (choice or Grapevine, Colleyville, or Euless)
  • State
  • Zip Code (choice of 76051, 76034, or 76039)
  • Gender (M or F check box)
  • Grade/Subject Taught
  • Birthday
  • Picture

6. Graphics Tutorial
Practice Documents:
Rotating pictures

Picture Styles

Text Styles

Smart Art Graphics

7. Graphics Challenge
Add the title, "Word 2010 Participants" above the form. Center the title. Apply text effects to the title to make it stand out. Yours doesn't have to look like the example!
Add a clip art picture of a computer below the title (place the picture in line with text). Apply a picture style to your clip art.

8. Saving Tutorial

9. Saving Challenge
Save your finished product as a document template, a PDF, and back in the 2003 format. What challenges do you face when trying to save this in a compatible format to Word 2003?

10. Practice, Create, Share


Make the Switch to Word 2010
Word Help and How-Tos
Changing Page Margins
Ribbon Hero