Aurasma is a super cool augmented reality app. Aurasma creates "Auras" that allow you to hover over an object or image (like a poster on a wall) and another image or even a video will appear on the screen to give you more information. Sound confusing? Imagine this: A science teacher wants to teach her students about lab equipment and safety. An aura is created so that when the student scans eye goggles with the Aurasma app, a video about eye safety will begin to play on the iPad.

Step by Step Instructions for Creating an Aurasma on the iPad

Login Required:

Note: Always check the current terms of use and obtain proper parent permission before using a resources that requires a login.
  • Yes, can create a single class account

Sharing Options:

  • Auras are scanned and viewed using the iPad app
  • Parents should follow the class "channel"

Tips for Using:

Activity Ideas:

Math- scan a problem and view a video explaining how to solve that problem
Science- create auras for lab safety information and equipment, add auras to diagrams in interactive notebooks interactive notebooks
SS- create talking posters to share information about historical people, places and events
ELA- create talking alphabets and word walls
Other- great for Open House projects... make the posters come to life!

Additional Resources:

Pinterest board of ideas and tutorials for using Aurasma:

To create more complex Auras, go to Aurasma Studio on the web: