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Enhance photos with thought bubbles, speech bubbles, and captions.

Login Required:

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  • No

Sharing Options:

  • Save to Camera Roll
  • Email with generic iPad address set up on device

Tips for Using:

  • Start a new comic by taking a photo from within the app or by accessing the Photo Library (Camera Roll) on the iPad.
  • Tap the bubble of choice located at the bottom of the screen to begin. Choose from: Thought bubble, speech bubble, whisper bubble, exclaim bubble, or caption.
  • Double tap inside of the bubble to add text, change font size, or change color scheme (black on white or white on black).
  • Tap envelope icon for sharing options.
  • Only 1 effect included in free version.
  • User may add multiple bubbles, captions, or a combination of the two to any photo.

Activity Ideas:

Math- Take a photo of a math concept, such as geometric shapes. Use a caption to identify the concept and various bubble to give the characteristics of the concept.
Science- Use a caption to make a prediction about what will happen next in a picture of a science experiment, to document the growth or stage of a plant or other scientific concept.
SS- Use captions to depict what is occurring in a historical photo.
ELA- Create photos with speech and thought bubbles as a precursor to teaching quotations. Take pictures of another student and use a thought bubble to infer what he/she is thinking.
Other- Using a picture containing multiple people, show a conversation in Spanish or other foreign language.

Additional Resources: