Juxio is no longer available through iTunes. It is available through the GCISD App Catalog


Create a bookmark-like product with a title, picture(s) and a few sentences. Choose from multiple layout templates, add your own picture(s), add a title and

Login Required:

Note: Always check the current terms of use and obtain proper parent permission before using a resources that requires a login.
  • No

Sharing Options:

  • Screenshot to Camera Roll
  • Other: The Juxio website doesn't exist anymore so there isn't an upload option (don't try to "Sync Now").

Tips for Using:

  • To share the product, take a screenshot of the finished product to save to the camera roll. (Tap off the product to collapse the header and footer and view only the product on the screen before taking the screenshot.)
  • The title is limited to 22 characters. The text is limited to 120 characters.
  • Saved images can be used for products in other apps as well. Import into Keynote, Pages, iMovie, etc.

Activity Ideas:

Math- Create a "jux" for measurement or geometry concepts. Take a picture of a problem and explain the solution.
Science- Create a "jux" for each step of a science experiment. Assemble all the individual juxes in another app like Keynote, Pages or iMovie. Use for classification or vocabulary.
SS- Create a "jux" for events in history, famous people, or vocabulary.
ELA- Create a "jux" for book characters, themes, setting, events, etc.
Other- Great for exit tickets in all subjects. Quick and easy. Document field trips and classroom activities.

Additional Resources: