Nearpod enables teachers to use their iPads to manage content on students' devices. It combines presentation, engagement, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.

Login Required:

Note: Always check the current terms of use and obtain proper parent permission before using a resources that requires a login.
  • Teacher must create an account on the iPad first and then create presentations on the Nearpod website (
  • Students access the teacher's presentations via a PIN.

Sharing Options:

  • Student quiz results can be emailed to teacher. Teacher must sign in, but students do not. Connected with a PIN.

Tips for Using:

Teacher logs into to create presentation. PDF, JPG, PNG, and ZIP files can be uploaded. The 1st, 2nd, and last slides must be non-interactive slides. Interactive slides consist of polls, Q&As, Quiz, Video, and DrawIt (students draw on top of an image or on a blank canvas). Users insert interactive slides using Nearpod's content creator. Once created, the teacher signs into account on their ipad using Nearpod app. Students view presentation using Nearpod app on their ipads. Teacher controls the presentation using the Share button on their ipad. Students view content by entering a PIN. The teacher's presentation can be viewed on a computer as well. Enter (Use presentation PIN).

Activity Ideas:

Math- Students could use the Draw It feature to work math problems out. The teacher could use the "Share" feature for class discussion on problems worked correctly and incorrectly.
Science- Students could watch experiments in video format. They could use the Draw It feature to make observations. The Share feature could be utilized to discuss various drawings
SS- The teacher could push current event videos to students. Student could take a quiz via Nearpod. Also, teacher could use Draw It feature for labeling maps, drawings, etc.
ELA- Students could use the Draw It feature to circle, underline, etc. the parts of the introduction: topic sentence, lead, thesis sentence, etc. This could be adapted for parts of speech and more.
Other- Thinking Maps - unzip the files below for thinking maps files and instructions:

Additional Resources: