Read and annotate PDF files.

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Sharing Options:

  • WebDAV
  • Screenshot to Camera Roll
  • Dropbox
  • Email with generic iPad address set up on device

Tips for Using:

  • Open Graphic Organizer PDFs and complete.
  • Annotate PDF files

Activity Ideas:

Math- Have students label geometric shapes found in a photograph.
SS- Have students label a map of world, US
ELA- When reading online, students can highlight words/phrases to discuss, remember, look up

Additional Resources:

  • Saving Options:
    • Current Page: email as a JPG
    • Original PDF File (does not contain annotations): Can be emailed, opened in iBooks, saved and opened in WebDav, can duplicate
    • Flattened PDF File (PDF file that contains ink annotations made by user): can be emailed, opened in WebDav and iBooks
    • Annotated PDF file (standard PDF file containing annotations made by the user. Can be read by Adobe): can be emailed, opened in WebDav and iBooks
    • Import PDF files through DropBox, Email, WebDav, Safari's "Open In..." or iTunes
  • Categorized multiple bookshelves (booklists) with powerful search
  • Portrait and landscape view
  • Pinch zoom and crop page-margins
  • Finger-writing with a variety of pens, highlighters and text notes
  • One-step pen-changing or undo/redo using 3 fingers on editing mode