ShowMe allows you to record voice-over whiteboard tutorials and share them online. Great for creating "Show what you know" videos. Students can demonstrate knowledge of any topic via drawing and speaking.

Login Required:

Note: Always check the current terms of use and obtain proper parent permission before using a resources that requires a login.
  • Yes, can create a single class account

Sharing Options:

  • Email with generic iPad address set up on device
  • Upload to app website
  • Other: Download video from your online ShowMe account as an .mp4 file (this is in beta.)

Tips for Using:

  • To make your video appear to have more than one page, use the pause button while recording. Record your first "page" as desired and then tap the pause button. Clear the page and prepare the screen for your next "page" (add pictures or drawings, if necessary). Tap the pause button again to resume recording.
  • Repeat as many times as you need.
  • When your recording is complete, tap Save ShowMe and title your video. Choose a topic and tap Finish.

Activity Ideas:

Math-Students solve a math problem and explain their thinking.
Science-Label parts of a plant and explain the function of each one. Label and explain the parts of the water cycle. Explain the steps in an experiment.
SS-Place a map on the background and students draw/explain westward expansion across the United States.
ELA-Retell a story. Storyboard a piece of writing. Create and explain a thinking map about a book character. Illustrate and recite poetry.
Other-Teachers create instructional videos for students and link or embed on their webpages.

Additional Resources: