Student response system that can be used on smartphones, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Login Required:

Note: Always check the current terms of use and obtain proper parent permission before using a resources that requires a login.
  • No

Sharing Options:

  • Students are connected to the teacher's quiz with a room number.

Tips for Using:

You will need at least 2 devices to use Socrative. Teachers can sign up for an account at They can run single question activities (Multiple Choice, True/False, or Short Answer) or create pre-made quizzes for students at on their computer. Students can respond by going to on any device or by using the Socrative Student Clicker app and entering the room number. The teacher can begin the quiz from a computer by going to or by using the Socrative Teacher Clicker app. Note: Socrative is limited to 50 users per activity. Other activities include a pre-made exit ticket and a game called Space Race.

Activity Ideas:

Formative assessments, exit tickets, quizzes, games, polling the class.

Additional Resources: