Digital storytelling app in which students create a digital storybook using pictures,drawings, text, and audio.

Login Required:

Note: Always check the current terms of use and obtain proper parent permission before using a resources that requires a login.
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Sharing Options:

  • Upload to app website: Story is uploaded to StoryKit server. Once uploaded, you will get a web address for the story which can be emailed to others.

Tips for Using:

  • Tap NEW BOOK to begin a book from scratch.
  • Tap DETAILS to edit the title, author, to add notes, to read and to share.
  • Templates of classic children's stories are included for students to build upon and edit.
  • Key features: Can take pictures within the app, insert pictures from Camera Roll, add text, add audio recordings, and draw own illustrations.
  • Tap EDIT PAGES- ARRANGE to rearrange order of pages.
  • To delete a book, tap DETAILS and then the delete symbol (red circle) on the left.

Activity Ideas:

Math- Create a story about how a certain geometric shape came to be.
Science- Design a storybook to show the lifecycle of a chick or the growth of a plant.
SS- Create a story based on a historical event.
ELA- Rewrite the ending of a story or retell a story from a different perspective.

Additional Resources: