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Tellagami is a free app for creating 30 second talking avatars. It's like Voki for the iPad!

Login Required:

Note: Always check the current terms of use and obtain proper parent permission before using a resources that requires a login.
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Note: Be sure to check the Terms of Service. Parent permission is required for students under the age of 13.

Sharing Options:

  • Save to Camera Roll
  • Email with generic iPad address set up on device

Tips for Using:

First pick your character and customize it. Backgrounds can be added from several presets, the camera or photo library. Then record up to 30 seconds of audio or type up to 440 characters. The completed "Gami" can be saved to the camera roll and emailed as a movie.

Activity Ideas:

  • Teachers- create short instructional videos or directions
  • Foreign language students- create short monologues
  • Students- create informational videos about a particular topic or skill

Additional Resources:

A Handful of Ideas for Using Tellagami in the Classroom:

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