Create movies from pictures or video recorded on the iPad

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Tips for Using:

  • Take pictures of a science experiment and create a slideshow with student narration explaining the steps and results.
  • Great Video for students to view prior to beginning project.
  • Create/Export a Tellagami and then import it into iMovie.
  • Create/Export a video using the App Action Movie, which is free, then import into iMove.

Activity Ideas:

Math - Have students create a paper slide
Science- Documentary – showcase a particular issue or event using video journaling, interviews, still images, etc.
SS- Travelogue - use still shots and video footage to document your experiences (real or imagined) in visiting a foreign country.
  • Commercial – create an advertisement for a product or policy that solves or begins to solve a current, real world problem.
  • News Cast or News Interview

Additional Resources:

  • Commercial – create an advertisement wherein you advocate for a product or policy that solves or begins to solve a current, real world problem.
  • Ethnography – document (though interviews, still images, etc.) the experiences, traditions, and beliefs of a particular group or individual.
  • Auto-ethnography – document (though video journaling, still images, etc.) your own experiences, traditions and beliefs.
  • Documentary – showcase a particular issue or event using video journaling, interviews, still images, etc.
  • News Cast – using an existing You Tube news broadcast, act the part of the interviewer and create questions the taped interviewee will answer.
  • Apple's iMovie for iOS (iPad) Support Page
  • Getting Started, How To's, and Troubleshooting

Ideas for Integrating iMovie in the Classroom

With iMovie, you can bring your lessons to life through video, sound, and pictures. iMovie is a powerful and highly engaging tool for students to share their knowledge and express themselves in the form of digital movies. Your students can create high-quality video reports to demonstrate abstract concepts, or documentaries to increase the relevance of social issues. And you can easily share best classroom practices with your peers. Students can create compelling projects that combine digital video, photos, and music, and even their own voice narration. There’s no limit to what they can create.

Integrating iMovie Across the Curriculum - Students can

  • Demonstrate Skill Sets Using a How To Video
  • Record Processes or Procedures - Solve an equation; record a science experiment
  • Create a virtual field trip with images
  • Combine images, text and narration for effect
  • Self Evaluation and Hands-on Learning (Sports, PE, Presentations, etc.
  • Interview an "expert" or classmates
  • Film a school tour (use another language for world language class; find angles and architecture for math)
  • Share information and celebrations with classmates and/or parents
  • Create a class newscast
  • Encourage collaboration - Set a problem for the class. Have students collaborate to solve the problem and video the solution
  • Create a visual presentation of a poem
  • Make a "commercial" to promote a book they have read (or if you are studying the Odyssey, students can create a travel video from the literature)
  • Use as a "reaction-cam" to record thoughts, feelings, or to express what they think the outcome might be
  • Create mini documentaries, historical reinactments, and news reports on current events
  • Compare and Contrast
  • Bring journal writing to life
  • Create movie adaptations of literature

Integrating iMovie by Subject Ideas

Social Studies

  • Have students tell the story from the perspective of an explorer or influential historical figure
  • Groups of students record their version of an historical event and then make connections and comparisons to others
  • Compare and contrast current events to historical events
  • The Decades Project - Students will find "persons" from a decade to interview and explain events from their perspective
  • Meet the Community - how has our town changed?
  • Regional or Local Stories - create a commercial to sell a region to the visitors


  • Explain how inventions and discoveries are important
  • A major invention or discovery - how did it change the world?
  • Tell a story from a different point of view - (what did the butterfly see?)
  • Record and document a science experiment
  • Create an environmental documentary

Language Arts

  • Authenticate student writing by having them read or create image based movie based on their writings
  • Family Tree Stories
  • Take a character to court and record it as a TV Show like Judge Judy or The People's Court
  • Compare and contrast a work of literature with another in a movie short
  • Bring a set of characters to life on a game show

Math Ideas

  • Film and narrate a geometry walk about
  • Explain a concept to others and record the solution
  • Record the acting out of math problems using various strategies
  • Make math vocabulary come alive

The list continues...World Languages, Health/PE and all other subjects coming soon.