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Paper Slides

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Teacher Example (Explains How To Make a Paper Slide)


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Google Voice
Set up Google Voice- “Get a number”, pick a number, set a PIN, enter your mobile #, it will call to verify, Go to Settings, uncheck your phone under call forwarding.
Great Tutorial for setting up account.

Ideas for using Google Voice.
1.Students on a field trip phone in their responses to leading questions rather than sit on the floor in a museum scribbling a reflection on a worksheet.
2.Use their cell phone to interview someone and then collect the file from Google Voice to embed on a website.
3.Students call in to record their pronunciation of a vocabulary list. The teacher can check the work at their convenience rather than try to listen and offer feedback to each student within a single class period.
4.Students call in to offer status updates on group projects.
Students call in, each reading aloud a single chapter from a book or an original poem. The results are then downloaded and dragged into Audacity or Garageband, where they can be stitched together to create a collaborative audiobook.

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