Edmodo provides teachers and students a secure place to connect and collaborate, turn in work, participate in class discussions and receive notifications.

Edmodo has an amazing help community with instructions for various capabilities:

There is an Edmodo app for iPad but iPads are not required to use Edmodo.

With the latest app update, Edmodo became a solution for students to turn in work created on the iPad in Pages, Keynote, or the camera roll. (Remember that many other apps can be shared to the camera roll. From there, they can be uploaded to Edmodo.)

After creating a document in Pages, for example, the student would do the following:
Tap the wrench button in the top right corner.
Tap Share and Print
Open in Another App
Choose a format (Pages, PDF, or Word)
Click the Choose App button.
Open in Edmodo. (You may have to swipe right or left to see the Edmodo option if you have a lot of apps installed.)
If the student is not already logged in to Edmodo, they will be prompted to log in. If the student is already logged in to Edmodo, they will be asked if they want to upload the document to their library. The file will reside in the library and will be accessible when the student is ready to attach it to a post.

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