Image Capture can be accessed through the Launchpad or the Applications folder. This application can be used to download pictures or videos from an iPad camera roll, iPhone, digital camera or card reader without going through the sync process.

Check iTunes Setting
1. From Applications, launch iTunes
2. Select iTunes > Preferences.
3. Click Devices
4. Place a check mark next to Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically.
5. Click OK and quit iTunes.

Using Image Capture
6. From Applications, launch Image Capture and connect a device.
7. Use the IMPORT TO drop-downmenu to select the desired location to save photos/video.
8. If applicable, check the Delete After Import box on the lower left side to remove the photos/video from the device.
9. Select photos or video to import using one of the following:
  • Single click the preferred photo.
  • Hold down Command while clicking multiple photos.
  • To select multiple photos in order, click on the top photo and then click the last photo in the group while holding down Shift.
10. Click the IMPORT button.
Note: Do not use the IMPORT ALL button unless all the pictures/videos are to be imported.
11. Select Image Capture > Quit Image Capture.

Deleting Files
To delete a file, drag the file to the trash or select the file and press Command/delete